Blended Learning Workshops - AD Instruments visits Hungary!

Blended Learning Workshops - AD Instruments visits Hungary!
Dr Gerold Kierstein of AD Instruments visited Budapest and Pécs on October 9-10, 2018 for a series of workshops on the latest developments in scientific research and education. Attendees at Semmelweis Medical University and Pécs Medical University could learn about the newest opportunities for researchers and teachers in their LT, Labstation, and PowerLab products. 
With a background in research and neurobiology, Dr Kierstein has been working for AD Instruments for over 10 years, and is currently their Scientific Training and Support Specialist. 
LT is ADI’s cloud based learning platform, specifically designed to better connect students with interactive learning in the 21st century. Using LT, teachers can easily personalize hundreds of medical or  biological training courses for their students, and their learners can access them 24 hours a day from any web-capable device. 
LT also comes in an offline LabStation version, equally flexible and simple to use. Both of these options integrate with PowerLab research modules and equipment, so creating new learning from new research has never been easier for the busy teacher!
Contact AnimaLab today if you would like to have a FREE 30 day trial of LT, or if you would like to arrange a visit to see how ADI can help you provide outstanding education for your students!

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