Lt is an online learning platform with ready-to-use content for life sciences, nursing, and medicine.

Lt’s cutting edge functionally allows you to fully customise features to adapt to your teaching style, saving you time in preparation – and encouraging greater engagement with your students. Lt has over 360 fully editable lessons. These include videos of lab protocols and procedures, as well as video interviews that track a real life patient throughout their treatment. Easily edit, share and update our content or create your own in real-time, wherever and whenever you need. Drag-and-drop a range of content types including video, audio, images, quizzes and text directly onto your page. Students record their own biological signals directly into Lt using our reliable and user-friendly hardware. Students can use a group login in labs and work together to analyze their own physiological data. Easily create and deliver a variety of interactive physiology lesson content. Select from 30+ panel types including multiple choice questions, tables & graphs, image annotation, and more. 

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