Elevated plus maze

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Elevated plus maze


The Elevated Plus Maze test is a widely used model for testing anxiety based on the natural aversion of rodents to explore elevated and open spaces. 

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Elevated plus maze

The Elevated Plus Maze test is a widely used model for testing anxiety based on the natural aversion of rodents to explore elevated and open spaces. Four arms are arranged in the shape of a cross – two arms have surrounding walls, the other arms have no walls.

TSE Elevated Plus Mazes can be used in combination with the video tracking system TSE VideoMot2 that offers a dedicated analysis protocol for this paradigm. TSE Elevated Plus Mazes are also available as fully computerized systems with infrared sensors at each arm entrance.

Key features

  • Rat or mouse mazes made of a variety of materials and colors available
  • Removable closed arm walls available for easy cleaning
  • Fully automated system or maze suited for videotracking available
  • Both versions contain easy-to-use Windows software to analyze a variety of basic or sophisticated parameters
  • Measures anxiety, exploration behavior

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