Four-Channel Free Radical Analyzer - WPI TBR 4100

Four-Channel Free Radical Analyzer - WPI TBR 4100

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Four-Channel Free Radical Analyzer - WPI TBR 4100

Fast, reliable, real-time detection – measure redox-reactive species

  • Real-time detection using electrochemical microsensors
  • Integrated system includes one temperature sensor, your choice of two additional sensors and a start-up kit
  • Current measurement range from 300 fA to 10 µA (four ranges) permits wide dynamic range for detection
  • Wide bandwidth allows recording of fast events
  • Measure carbon monoxide from 10 nM to 10 µM
  • Measure nitric oxide from < 0.3 nM to 100 µM
  • Measure hydrogen peroxide < 10 nM to 100 mM
  • Measure hydrogen sulfide
  • Measure glucose
  • Measure oxygen from 0.1% to 100%
  • Isolated architecture allows Lab-Trax interface to simultaneously measure free radical and independent analog data (for example, ECG, BP, etc.) on any channel
  • Four channel free radical detection
  • Includes Lab-Trax 4/16


  • Measure up to four different species and temperature in the same preparation or simultaneous measurement in four different preparations
  • Lab-Trax data acquisition system is flexible


  • Free radical detection (NO, H2O2, H2S, CO, O2 and glucose)

Real-time detection

Real-time detection and measurement of a variety of redox-reactive species is fast and easy using the electrochemical (amperometric) detection principle employed in the  TBR4100. This optically isolated four-channel free radical analyzer has ultra low noise and independently operated channels.

Measure multiple species simultaneously

The TBR is designed for use with WPI’s wide range of nitric oxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen sensors. The TBR4100 can measure four different species simultaneously in the same preparation. Simply plug a sensor into the input channel on the front panel and select the current range. Poise voltage can be selected from a range of values tuned for optimal response from WPI sensors. An independent output for real-time monitoring of temperature is also included.

Lab-Trax data acquisition system is flexible

The TBR1025 analyzer utilizes PC-based data acquisition via our Lab-Trax interface. Data traces are displayed and recorded in real-time. The LabScribe software (formerly called DataTrax) comes pre-configured for single or multiple electrode recording; filters, gains, and smoothing are all set for optimal results. Data can be viewed making adjustments to smoothing and filter settings without affecting the original stored raw data. Electrode calibration from multiple concentration readings can be input into the software's Multipoint Calibration utility quickly provides a plot and slope calculation for electrode sensitivity determination.

Alternately, the Lab-Trax data interface can be used for providing simultaneous acquisition of Free Radical data along with other physiological data (ECG, HR, BP, etc.) as each of the four input channels has its own independent input, filters and 24-bit converter.


The video below shows how to calibrate your oxygen sensor (6 minutes).


Turnkey systems

TBR4100-416 includes TBR4100 analyzer and power cord, Lab-Trax-4/16 data logger system and USB cable, 4 BNC cables, 3 electrode adapter cables, 1 temperature probe, 2 sensors of your choice, and sensor start-up kit(s), if applicable.