Multimat - multi-layer decontaminating mat

Multimat - multi-layer decontaminating mat


30-layer adhesive sheets to prevent animal facilities, surgery rooms, intensive care units, laboratories against pathogens.

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Multimat - multi-layer decontaminating mat

MULTIMAT® features

  • MULTIMAT® is composed of 30 adhesive, plastic thin sheets, for a total thickness of 2,40 mm.
  • MULTIMAT® can be placed down on the floor even under the open side door or on its specifically designed metallic frame (PAL) to allow its movement during floor washing.
  • Blue coloured, MULTIMAT®   has the adhesive mixed with     a special antimicrobial & antifungal chemical agent (Benzoisothiazolina-3-one). Its antimicrobial action destroys pathogens carried by dirt and debris (up to 100 millions bacteria per gram).The blue colour shows the trapped dirt till the top sheet is used up.

MULTIMAT ® and metal frames PAL versions

Type&dimensions mat [cm] PCKG pz-units Type&dimensions metal
frames PAL [cm]
MMB45 45 x 115 10 PAL45 47 x 117
MMB60 60 x 115 5 PAL60 62 x 117
MMB90 90 x 115 5 PAL90 92 x 117


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Container for the collection disinfection treatment, transport and disposal infections waste, with single coloured turquoise print and steam indicator on the nonwoven flap. Dedicated for steam sterilization in laboratories and breeding facilities.