Oat1 knockout rat

Oat1 knockout rat


The model has the deleted gene organic anion transporter 1 OAT1. Useful in clinical drug-drug interactions, toxicity and liver metabolism.

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Oat1 knockout rat

Nomenclature: SD- slc22a6 tm1sage

Genotype: Cryopreserved as heterozygous embryos

Description: This model contains a biallelic deletion of the organic anion transporter 1 (OAT1), also known as solute carrier family 22 member 6 (SLC22A6). Oat1 plays a central role in renal organic anion transport. Along with Oat3, Oat1 mediates the uptake of a wide range of relatively small and hydrophilic organic anions from plasma into the cytoplasm of the proximal tubular cells of the kidneys- making this a useful model for studying drug-drug interations, toxicity and metabolism in the liver.This model contains a biallelic deletion of the Neurexin 1 gene (Nrxn1). Mutations in Nrxn1 have been associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and this model is useful for understanding the role of neurexins in the development of ASD.

Research applications

  • drug transport
  • drug-drug interactions
  • drug metabolism
  • hepatotoxicity

Coat color: White, albino.

Recommended diet: Purina #5008

Strain code: TGRS6440

Bred in: US

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