Powder&pasty food sensors

Powder&pasty food sensors


PhenoMaster module, special designed for powders or pasty diets for animals during experiments. This module is based on high precision weighing sensors that are mounted to the cage lid. Data are collected in PhenoMaster Software.

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Powder&pasty food sensors

Powdered or pasty food can be offered with specially designed containers, replacing the standard food container for pellets hung at the sensor.
The combination with a spillage avoidance device is possible.

Key features

  • the universal precision sensors can be flexibly used as feeding stations
  • containers are translucent for quick evaluation of content level, and adjustable in height to grant easy access for every animal
  • usable with all standard home cages – no modification required

Assay types

  • choice preference: multiple feeding or drinking sensors
  • yoked/paired feeding via access control
  • time-control or amount-control via access control system (also water / deprivation restrictions prior to learning&memory tasks with operant wall module)
  • drug self-administration by food or drink
  • feeding/drinking rythm, meal analysis
  • alternate feed presentation through specific containers for powdered or pasty food

Home cage measurement

  • based on standard cage sizes
  • short animal habituation
  • easy maintance and cleaning
  • non-invasie long-term monitoring without experimenter interference
  • highest flexibility: module combinable with body weight monitoring, standard drinking&feeding monitoring sensors, activity measurement, operant conditioning or indirect calorimetry
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This cost and work-effective module is based on high precision weighing sensor that is mounted to the cage lids for all standard cages commercially available.