Ultimate Teaching System, PTB4264

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Ultimate Teaching System, PTB4264


The Ultimate Teaching System provides all the hardware and software material to conduct a wide range of human physiology experiments, including breathing, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscle & reflexes, biopotentials  (ECG,  EEG, EMG and EOG).

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Ultimate Teaching System, PTB4264

This system also provides the tools for studying physiological principles using animal tissues including: nerve, skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle. This system also includes all the ADInstruments software LabChart and LabTutor Teaching Suite (one per server installation), making teaching and learning easier in any laboratory class.

LabChart Teaching Experiments:
This system is supplied with a complete suite of human physiology and animal experiments for use with LabChart. These experiments include Instructor Guides, Student Protocols and Reports, data acquisition settings files and example data files.

LabTutor Teaching Experiments:
A revolution in teaching laboratory software, with data acquisition, experimental manual and report booklet in a single software interface.

Each LabTutor experiment includes background information, setup guides and student experimental protocols.
Real physiological data collection and experimentation performed using LabTutor panel.
Analysis and reporting sections are all contained within the LabTutor program
Provides a single-point management interface for educators on the number of courses, student data and reports via a single networked computer.

The Ultimate Teaching System includes:

  • PowerLab 26T has up to four general purpose inputs, human approved Dual Bio Amp, variable, analog voltage output and a human-approved Isolated Stimulator.
  • LabChart and​ LabTutor Teaching Suite software (one per server installation)
  • Pulse Transducer
  • 5 Lead Shielded Bio Amp Cable
  • Shielded Lead Wires (5 snap-on)
  • Stimulating Bar Electrode
  • BNC to DIN Smart Adapter (2)
  • Respiratory Belt Transducer
  • Grip Force Transducer
  • Cardio Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Push Button Switch
  • Dry Earth Strap
  • EEG Flat Electrodes
  • Reusable ECG Electrodes
  • Disposable ECG Electrodes (100 pack)
  • Abrasive Gel
  • Electrode Cream
  • Electrode Paste
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Teaching System Case
  • Human Respiratory Kit
  • Nerve & Muscle Kit II

• Sphygmomanometer 

Each sphygmomanometer unit is coupled to a pressure transducer that converts the applied pressure into an electronic signal, which can be displayed using a PowerLab in LabChart or LabTutor. These units can be used in teaching, for example to demonstrate clinical blood pressure measurements in a lecture, tutorial or practical class. They are not intended for clinical use.

The pressure transducer is available either with a connector for a Bridge Pod or with an 8-pin DIN connector, which is for direct connection to a PowerLab Pod port or to a Bridge Amp.

Sphygmomanometers are supplied with your choice of cuff(s). The Sphygmomanometer with 3 Cuffs (DIN) is supplied in the Health Science Teaching Systems. It can be used in conjunction the Pulse Transducer to measure systolic blood pressure in humans as described in the Blood Pressure LabTutor lessons. The Cardio Microphone allows simultaneous recording of arterial pulse sounds during a blood pressure measurement.


Advanced data acquisition and analysis features for undergraduate, post-graduate courses and research projects.
Power and flexibility to be used in a wide range of life science teaching applications.
Research quality software and hardware with easy-to-use functionality for education.
Supported by a large range of teaching materials including instructor notes, student protocols, settings files and more.
Supplied with LabChart Teaching Suite Software.
Supplied LabTutor Teaching Suite Software (one per server installation.

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