ibidi Practical Course in Krakow




ibidi Practical Course in Krakow

Advance Your in vitro Endothelial Cell Studies by Combining Shear Stress Cultivation 
with Impedance Measurements


In vivo, endothelial cells (e.g., small and large vessels and lymphatic vessels) are exposed to flow and shear stress conditions. The in vitro analysis of endothelial cells exposed to flow reveals diverse effects on cell division rate, morphological changes, cytoskeletal reorganization, cytokine production, the expression of adhesion molecules, macromolecular permeability, and barrier function.
For in vitro investigations, ibidi provides a unique, integrated solution that combines:
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Take part in our ibidi ECIS - Flow Course and learn how to combine shear stress studies with impedance measurements.

March 14-15, 2017
Jagiellonian Center of Innovation
Life Science Park

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Please Note: The number of participants for each Practical Course is limited to 8.

P.S. Find more detailed information on cell cultivation under shear stress and impedance measurement in our ECIS-Flow Brochure.

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