New LabChart 8.1.9 released by ADInstruments

It's nearing the end of the year, so now is the perfect time for a quick spruce up!

Adinstruments has been working hard on some new and improved LabChart features and we're excited to release a refreshed version of LabChart - version 8.1.9.

LabChart 8.1.9 has a number of new and improved features for both Windows and Mac users, including: 

  • Easily move comments during recording
  • Improved file backup
  • Stimulator: increased accuracy
  • Arithmetic variables can now be used in Arithmetic channel calculations on systems that use European region localization

While we were at it,  AdInstruments also released fresh versions of LabChart Reader (8.1.9) for Mac and Windows, and Spike Histogram (v2.6.2) for Windows.
The Spike Histogram update allows you to copy and paste both images and text using the "Copy Spike Discriminator View" menu item. This handy feature means that if you copy and paste data into the Data Pad or Word, you'll get text describing the properties of the displayed spikes, formatted as tab-separated columns.

These three updates are all available on our website and through LabChart Feature Manager.
Our hope is that these features and functions will make your workflow easier and more streamlined so that you can focus on what's important - your research!

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