MyoHEART Langendorff system - 900MH

MyoHEART Langendorff system - 900MH


Using retrograde flow, the MyoHEART is a modern system that com-bines functionality and ease of use. Using cutting edge technology everything is combined in a compact unit where functions are operated and monitored on the touch-screen display.

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  • Description

MyoHEART Langendorff system - 900MH

With build-in pressure transducers, pressure is easily monitored during experiments on constant flow mode. Under constant pressure, coronary flow may easily be measured with an add-on flowmeter.

Depending on configuration the MyoHEART monitors aortic flow, pH level (perfusion buffer), pO2 level (perfusion buffer), and heart surface temperature. Controllable parameters are perfusion pressure, flow, temperature, reservoir temperature, BPM (pacer) and iso-volumetric left ventricular pressure.

Record and display of up to 18 traces are easily done using LabChart by ADInstruments. Using the DMT Device Enabler the MyoHEART system streams data directly into LabChart.

Features & benefits

  • Retrograde perfusion of isolated hearts from small rodents
  • Constant pressure of constant flow mode on same system                                    
  • Unique integration of highly precise flowmeter
  • Direct streaming of data into LabChart Pro by ADInstruments
  • Easy to maintain, easy to clean...
  • Simply easy to use

Add-on packages

The following packages are available to the MyoHEART system:

  • Flowmeter package
  • ECG/Pacer package
  • pH package
  • pO2 package
  • LVP package


Set-up example


  • Output select Volt or Current.
  • Bipolar or mono polar.
  • Volt output range 0 to 15 Volt resolution 0,01V.
  • Current output range 0 to 15mA resolution 0,01mA.
  • Stimuli pulse width 0,1 to 1000ms.
  • Frequency 0,1 to 20Hz.


  • Wilson coupling up to 12 lead ́s Derivations.
  • Gain range select able from 100 to 1200.
  • Flow sensor measure range 0 to 40mL/min.
  • Accuracy 10% of measured value from 1ml/min. to 40ml/min.
  • LVP pressure transducer 0 to 250mmHg.
  • pH sensor measure range pH5,5 to pH8.5.
  • Accuracy ±0,1pH.
  • O2 sensor measure range 0 to 45ppm.
  • Accuracy ±0,5%.


Heart chamber heating built in
Heart chamber temperature range 20 - 50 °C
Heart chamber temp. resolution 0,1 °C
Heart chamber temp. stability +/- 0,3 °C

(when target temperature attained)

Perfusion heating built in
Perfusion temperature range 20 - 50 °C
Perfusion temp. resolution 0,1 °C
Perfusion temp. stability +/- 0,2 (when target temperature attained)
Peristaltic pump 0 to 100 rpm
External IR temperature probe ±0,1 °C accuracy in the range 30 - 40 °C
Perfusion pressure settings between 0 to 250 mmHg
Perfusion pressure transducer

0 to 250 mmHg

Dimensions L x D x H [cm] 55 x 46 x 56
Net weight 30 kg
Heart chamber Ø*H [cm] 15 x 13,5
Volume 1,6 liter
Environmental humidity 20% to 80% RH, none condensing
Environmental operating temperature +20 to +30 °C
Environmental storage temperature +4 to +70 °C