Aspen wood bedding MAXI

Aspen wood bedding MAXI - LTE004

Aspen wood bedding MAXI


Animal bedding for laboratory rodents. Wood chips dimensions: ca. 3 x 5 mm.

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Aspen wood bedding MAXI

Advantages of aspen wood bedding:

  • Activity stimuli: Applies especially to rodent
  • Dust free: Dust is removed at three stages of the production process
  • Reduced pathogens: The pathogen count is reduced drastically during the heat treatment process, where the wood chips are exposed to temperatures exceeding 120 C for at least one hour
  • Excellent absorbency: The tiny pieces of wood have a very high natural capacity to asorb liquids, thus living areas remain drier and cleaner
  • Odor control: Improves the room environment of animals and the surrounding area
  • Good dosing characteristics: Easy to portion and to estimate the required amount
  • Autoclavable: The physical properties remain unaltered (No clumping!)
  • Quality control: Continuous monitoring, testing and documentation ensure a constantly high product standard


Aspen wood beddings parameters

Chips dimensions ca. 3 x 5 mm
The mass bedding in dm3  ca. 180 g/dm3 +/-1,5%
Water absorption capacity  max 1,52 l/kg
Packaging - polypropylene bag (autoclavable)  15 kg, ok. 80 l
Pallet weight, 24 bags on pallet  360 kg