Original JAX® Mice bred in UK, France, Germany and Italy by Charles River.

Charles River is sole authorized commercial breeder of JAX® Mice in Europe.

Only JAX® Mice bred by Charles River in Europe are genetically equivalent to those bred by The Jackson Laboratory

Charles River breeds with strict adherence to The Jackson Laboratory’s breeding and genetic quality control protocols
JAX® Mice bred by Charles River are authentic JAX® Mice and are not genetically drifted “J” substrains which may carry spontaneously-occurring genetic mutations
Only authentic JAX® Mice can be designated with a “J” at the end of their strain names (see Guidelines for Nomenclature for Mouse and Rat Strains at www.informatics.jax.org/nomen/strains.shtml)

All European Charles River breeding sites are AALAC accredited.

Animalab is CRL’s subdistributor in Poland and Hungary.

Order your JAX® Mice with Animalab:

C57, Db/db diabetic and many other models like are available!

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Your significant benefits

  • Local assistance with import, customs clearance and transportation
  • JAX® Mice are the Gold Standard for Biomedical Research
  • Most frequently cited strains in peer-reviewed biomedical research publications
  • Veterinary and professional support by The Jackson Laboratory’s world

Comprehensive phenotypic data included the in Mouse Phenome Database http://phenome.jax.org/
Bred and maintained in accordance with the highest standards of animal health and genetic quality, including the patented JAX® Genetic Stability Program*.

JAX® Genetic Stability Program* supports consistent experimental results over time

• patented Genetic Stability Program (GSP) effectively limits cumulative genetic drift, including that caused by copy number variation (CNV), by rebuilding our foundation stocks from cryopreserved, pedigreed embryos every five generations. Provides mice with the genetic integrity and stable phenotypes needed to support research excellence




*The JAX® Genetic Stability Program was patented in 2010 (US patent 7.592.501) by The Jackson Laboratory.

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