Manufacturer of high class sterilizers and autoclaves to animal facilities and laboratories.
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Tuttnauer invests its full energies and resources in one area of expertise – sterilization and infection control. Ever since our early days, in 1925, Tuttnauer have always worked on large-scale joint projects with leading research institutes and universities to deliver tomorrow’s technologies. This cooperation allows to remain at the forefront of our field, developing and integrating the most advanced methods and technologies.

Tuttnauer has consistently provided solutions to various markets and application needs and offer a wide range of innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization products, varying in size and application, including:

  • extensive variety of tabletop autoclaves for dental clinics and small to medium clinics, or as a second unit in medical centers and hospitals,
  • cleaning and disinfection sterilization products for CSSD,
  • large sterilizers for hospitals and research institutes,
  • laboratory autoclaves ranging in size and application,
  • washers and disinfectors for dental clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

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