Adrona water purification system configurations, applications and features.

Adrona water purification system configurations, applications and features.


Adrona water purification systems provide ultrapure (Grade 1), pure (Grade 2) and reverse osmosis (RO) water for laboratory needs. The quality of water meets the requirements of ISO 3696 standard and corresponding ASTM and CLSI standards.

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Adrona water purification system configurations, applications and features.

Configurations According to Applications. Each Adrona model is available in various configurations according to the customer needs.


The systems are installable by user and all cartridges and filters are user replaceable. ADROTOOL is recommended to use for cartridge replacement. All necessary consumables are installed into the water system and they are included in price. Adrona water purification systems can be installed either on laboratory bench or on a wall. Wallmount installation provides the saving of valuable laboratory space.

Volumetric Dispense

Adrona water purification systems have a volumetric dispenser, which enables the user to set accurate dispensing volume for each dispense cycle. The dispense volume can be set either from the keyboard or by using “teaching” mode. In “teaching” mode user uses “Dispense On/OFF” button to do the first dispense cycle manually. Afterwards, the system will dispense exactly the same volume each time the user presses the dispense button again.

Water Quality and Validation

Embedded recirculation loop ensures stable premium water quality and enables practical elimination of Total Organic Carbon (TOC). Performance of the deionization and polishing modules is constantly monitored. Monitoring algorithm enables cutting running costs, as replacement of the modules is requested only when service life is close to the end.

Stability of water quality guaranteed by double Ion Exchange cartridge system.

Adrona systems have 2 Ion Exchange cartridges (deionization and polishing) therefore excellent water quality guaranteed even if one of them is waiting for replacement at the moment). User can carry out the validation of water quality sensors right on the site (available on B30, Integrity+, Connect and Onsite+). It is possible to validate conductivity measuring circuits to check if they are operating properly. Validation dongle for OQ is available as an option. This helps the customer to validate water quality measuring circuits on periodical basis. No visit of service engineer is required. For the complete conductivity sensor test external portable conductometer with flow cell can be used.

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Monitor

Organic contaminants may not have effect on conductivity of water, so conductivity sensors cannot be used for TOC monitoring. Therefore, a special TOC monitoring module is needed to measure TOC level. Several models of Adrona water purification systems have the TOC monitor feature. TOC values are shown on display.


Provides clear water quality readout and information about the system status including current resistivity and remaining pre-filter service life.

Monochrome high resolution LCD display

Colour graphic LCD display

The 16-bit colour display provides clear readout of water quality, system component status, performance of the polishing module. System component status is reflected on the display in an intuitive colour pattern (Green/Yellow/Red).

Electrodeionization module

For the laboratories with the high water consumption Adrona offers Q-Front (EDI) or RADIX systems. It allows significantly reduce the running costs of water purification system due to fact the replacement of EDI module is not required anymore.


All the Adrona water purification systems have all necessary safety functions. They are tested by an independent and accredited company for compliance with the CE directives related to safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Warranty and aftersales support

Adrona provides 2 year warranty and continuous technical support. Authorized distributor and service of Animalab Group performing all necessary technical inspections and repairs.


Adrona design, manufacturing, sales and service is ISO 9001:2015 certified to provide the highest quality in every aspect.

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E30 water purification system produce ultrapure and pure water for laboratory needs. It is designed for maximum convenience of use and have maximum features. This system is with high price/performance ratio.