BSEP knockout rat

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BSEP knockout rat

Knockout the gene encoding the ABC transporter, a critical in exporting pump bile salts.

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  • Description

BSEP knockout rat

Nomenclature: SD- Abcb11 tm1sage

Genotype: Homozygous

Description: Abcb11 encodes the bile salt export pump (BSEP) found in the liver. BSEP is critical in the secretion of bile by releasing bile salts from the liver, and mutations in BSEP have been associated with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis in humans.

Research applications

  • cholestasis
  • drug-induced cholestasis (DIC)
  • transporter assays
  • drug-drug interactions


  • biallelic 8bp deletion within the Abcb11 gene
  • homozygous knockouts display total loss of protein via Western blot
  • background strain: Sprague-Dawley

Coat color: White, albino.

Recommended diet: Purina #5008

Strain code:  TGRS8050

Bred in: US

Additional information: Drug induced liver injury is an important clinical issue, and may result from inhibition of BSEP. Chemical inhibition of BSEP can lead to decreased bile flow and buildup of bile salts in hepatocytes, resulting in toxicity. Understanding the potential of BSEP inhibition by drug candidates is thus of significant importance for drug discovery and development. This model is useful in studying impairment of bile secretion.