Cage and rack washers AC 7000 - Steelco

Cage and rack washers AC 7000 - Steelco


Cage and rack washers AC 7000 - Steelco

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Cage and rack washers AC 7000 - Steelco

Key features:

  •  Separate wash and rinse circuits
  •  Multistage water filtering system
  •  Manifold system - Manifold system allows the use of injection washing racks for animal feeding bottles
  •  Chamber sealing for decontamination process

Fully sealed chamber suitable for decontamination purposes:

  • Hydrogen peroxide vapour
  • Chemical fogging
  • Steam sanitization

AC 7000

Chamber dimensions:

  • 4910 l/1297.1 gal Us
  • W 1100 x D 2076 x H 2150 mm
  • W 43.30" x D 81.73" x H 84.65"
  • Available also with 3000 mm depth / (chamber volume: 7095 lt/1874.3 gal Us)


  •  High productivity
  • Flexibility in cycle setting
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Hinged (AC 7000) or sliding door (AC 8000) models
  • Manifold system for trolley docking


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Steelco AC 1400 is an efficient system able to wash all types of animal cages granting an easy maintenance of the cages cleanliness and effective cleaning results. Highest flexibility is granted by the compact design, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water and energy. The washer can be equipped with dedicated accessories for the optimized loading of animal cages and washing carts with injection systems for bottles. Washers dimensions: widht 1970 mm / 77.56"; depht 830 mm / 32.68"; height 1900 mm / 74.80"
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Feeding bottles and animal cages washers Independent washing/rinsing system Multistage water filtering system, with self-cleaning filter AC 1400, single door and pass-through versions available High capacity cabinet for detergents Easy access to service