Cage type T III

Cage type T III


Polypropylene cage for mice and hamsters in experiments and for breeding.

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Cage type T III

The Cage is designed for rearing and breeding of laboratory mice.

The Cage does not meet the requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2010/63/EC in this range, but until January 1, 2017 it is possible to use the cage .

Maximum amount of livestock breeding in a TI container according to Decree No. 207/ 04 Collection depends on its average weight :
Weight – number of mice

  • up to 20 g – 5 pieces
  • 20 g – 30 g – 4 pieces
  • above 30 g – 3 pieces

Breeding tank T II

Material: polypropylene TATREN , milky color
Height: 140 mm
Dimensions – top: 275 x 215 mm ( length x width)
Floor area: 335 square centimeters
Weight: 400 grams

Wire cover T II

Materials: iron
Finish: electrolytic zinc chromate
Weight: 610 grams


All parts of the cage can be repeatedly sterilized in a steam autoclave at 127 degrees C and a pressure of 50 kPa for 20 minutes.