CapnoTrue® AMP Mainstream CO2 /SpO2 Monitors

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CapnoTrue® AMP Mainstream CO2 /SpO2 Monitors


An advanced, reliable pulse oximeter and capnograph integrated in one device.

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CapnoTrue® AMP Mainstream CO2 /SpO2 Monitors

Advanced and reliable capnograph and pulse oximeter combined in a single monitor.

Key features of CapnoTrue® AMP

  • Mainstream CO2 measurement with the IRMATM CO2 analyzer
  • Warm-up time: < 10s full specification
  • Direct measurement without time delay
  • Small, light-weight and shock-resistant: the
  • IRMATM CO2 analyzer weighs less than 30 g
  • Adult/paediatric, infant/neonatal, and a for rat modified IRMATM airway adapter
  • Plug and measure technology
  • IRMATM airway adapters with non-condensing light transmission XTPTM window
  • No occlusion by water or mucus possible
  • Maintenance and calibration-free technology
  • Full range of key technology accessories
  • Wide range of high-quality SpO2 sensors

Delivery Package of CapnoTrue® AMP

  • Mainstream device
  • IRMATM CO2 analyzer • IRMATM airway adapter (adult/paediatric)
  • Reusable SpO2 sensor • Instruction manual
  • CapnoTrue® power supply (EU and UK plug) • 1 Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Silicone protective cover • PC software
  •  USB data cable • 4 batteries (AA)

The CapnoTrue AMP Mainstream Monitor can be used in combination with the UNO MICROVENTILATOR – UMV-03.

The CapnoTrue AMP and ASP – CO2/SpO2 monitors including the IRMA™ CO2 analyzer, ISA™CO2 analyzer and SoftCap Sensors are classified and certified as class IIb products.