Cntnap2 knockout rat

Cntnap2 knockout rat

Model exhibits a deletion of the Cntnap2 gene and is useful in of studies autism, cell adhesion, and synaptic plasticity.

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  • Description

Cntnap2 knockout rat

Nomenclature: SD- Cntnap2 tm1sage

Genotype: Homozygous

Description: Generated in conjunction with Autism Speaks, this model possesses a bi-allelic deletion in the contactin associated protein-like 2 (Cntnap2) gene. A member of the neurexin family, Cntnap2 has been associated with the autism spectrum disorders.


  • this model was created in collaboration with Autism Speaks and is currently undergoing phenotypic characterization by Dr. Richard Paylor at Baylor College of Medicine
  • homozygous knockout rats exhibit complete loss of target protein as demonstrated by Western blot
  • 5 base pair deletion in exon 6 of Cntnap2
  • spontaneous seizures >7 weeks of age
  • background strain: Sprague-Dawley

Research applications

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • language disorders
  • synaptic Plasticity
  • cell adhesion

Coat color: White, albino.

Strain code: TGRS8820

Bred in: US