Cotton rat outbred

Cotton rat
Cotton rat

Cotton rat outbred

Model very sensitive to infectious agents of human origin. Ideal for research into the development of vaccines and gene therapy based on adenoviral vectors.

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  • Description

Cotton rat outbred

Nomenclature:  Sigmondon hispidus

Genotype: Wilde type

Description: The Cotton rat is an excellent research model for vaccine development. It is highly susceptible to human infectious agents, including: Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Herpes Simplex, Parainfluenze, Monkey Pox and emerging viruses.

Origin: Virion Systems, Rockville, MD, 2003. Covered species under USDA guidelines.

Research applications

  • vaccine development
  • adenoviral vector-based gene therapy
  • infectious disease pathogenesis


  • covered species under USDA guidelines
  • color combination varies: gray, brown, black
  • the average litter size is 5–6 pups
  • aggressive: requires special care and husbandry
  • animal breeding should be paired at time of weaning (3–4 weeks), otherwise increased fighting observed

Strain code: TGRTW

Bred in: US

Recommended diet: LabDiet #5P13 (Trudeau)