Db/db diabetic JAX Mouse

Db/db diabetic JAX Mouse


Diabetes and obesity research, wound healing.

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Db/db diabetic JAX Mouse

Nomenclature: BKS.Cg-Dock7m +/+ Leprdb/J

Origin: Spontaneous mutation congenic on C57BLKS/J. The diabetes mutation is a result of a point mutation in one the leptin receptor gene lepr. To Charles River from The Jackson Laboratory in May 2002.

JAX™ Mice Stock Number: 000642

Control: Heterozygote from the colony

Mouse Phenome Database The Jackson Laboratory

Webinar: Mouse Phenome Database: Knowledge to Drive Discovery

Characteristics db/db mice

Coat color: Black

Ideal for: Diabetes and obesity research, wound healing.

Bred in: Italy, US

Note: Only The Jackson Laboratory and Charles River in Europe and Japan maintain colonies of JAX™ Mice strains which are derived from pedigreed mice from The Jackson Laboratory and are re-infused routinely with pedigreed mice to stabilise the genetic integrity and phenotype of these strains.

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