Dual Channel Stainless Steel Swivels

Połączenie obrotowe SS, 2 kanały Instech

Dual Channel Stainless Steel Swivels


Swivel allows movement of the animal during the infusion and sampling. Mounted on the cage provide a constant flow of substance.

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Dual Channel Stainless Steel Swivels

Dual Channel Stainless Steel Swivels

The second fluid channel on these swivels gives you the ability to infuse and withdraw simultaneously, to infuse on one channel while monitoring on the other, or to infuse on two lines independently. Like the stainless single channel swivels, these swivels have been built to last a lifetime (users should follow the instructions carefully when cleaning the swivels after every use).

They are available in three standard models for infusion and sampling:

375/D/22- Standard swivel for two channel access with rats.375/D/20 – Larger ID two channel swivel for blood pressure measurement or IV feeding with rats, standard infusion with rabbits or, when combined with SR750 strain-relief, larger animals.

375/D/22LT – Low-torque two channel swivel for mice. Inner diameter equivalent to 25ga. [NEW]

They are available in two standard models for microdialysis:

375/D/22QE – Two channel swivel with quartz-lined center channel for microdialysis with freely-moving rats.

375/D/22QM – Low-torque two channel swivel with quartz lining on both center and side channels. For microdialysis with freely-moving mice or rats.

Dual channel swivels can also be custom made in sizes from 16 to 28 gauge. Repair and replacement parts are available.