EEG – NeuroLogger

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EEG – NeuroLogger


The EEG measurements of single animals living in their homecages or experimental cages. Ideal also in the research groups of rodents.

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EEG – NeuroLogger

NeuroLogger is a truly unique and elegant solution for wireless recording of EEG activity in animals as small as mice. The NeuroLogger can be used in freely moving animals performing a variety of behavioral paradigms as well as in the field of animal models for epilepsy and sleep disorders.

The NeuroLogger can be easily used in combination with behavioral and metabolic analysis systems such as the PhenoMaster / LabMaster.

General Features

  • Small size and lightweight: less stress for animals
  • No tangling of wires or transmission frequency interferences
  • Complete EEG recording device with 4 channels
  • Pre-amplifiers and raw data storage plugs directly into an electrode connector on the head of the animal
  • Plug in – record – plug-out – download and analyze
  • Recording from home cage or in test boxes of any complexity
  • Recording from multiple animals in social settings
  • Wireless synchronization with trigger signals for precise analysis
  • Built-in movement sensor measuring whether animal rests or walks
  • Timing signals for matching with external events can be added
  • Sleep state analysis (REM, non REM)
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