Elevated zero maze

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Elevated zero maze


The Elevated Zero Maze is a modification of the classic Elevated Plus Maze model for the evaluation of anxiety like behavior in rodents.

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Elevated zero maze

The Elevated Zero Maze is a modification of the classic Elevated Plus Maze model for the evaluation of anxiety like behavior in rodents. The two elevated closed or open runways without a center position prevent any ambiguity in interpretation of the time spent in the different fields.

TSE Elevated Zero Mazes can be used in combination with the video tracking system TSE VideoMot2 or as a fully automated system with infrared sensors.

Key features

  • Rat or mouse mazes made of a variety of materials and colors available
  • 2 closed and 2 open runways – no center
  • The maze top is fastened to a lightweight support frame and can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Fully automated system for video tracking available
  • Both versions contain easy-to-use Windows software to analyze a variety of basic or sophisticated parameters
  • Measuring anxiety, exploration
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Video tracking system for automated recording and analyzing animal activity in a variety and unlimited of arenas and maze systems.