eXplore CT120

eXplore CT120


Small animal X-Ray CT scanner.

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  • Description

eXplore CT120

The eXplore CT 120 pre-clinical imaging scanner is designed to visualize, quantify, and characterize anatomical parameters in small animals such as mice and rats. Its table design, versatile bed mount, and innovative software allow image registration with other imaging modalities.

The CT 120 can perform prospectively gated respiratory and cardiac imaging with extremely high precision, to minimize motion artifacts in the heart and thorax. The system includes shielded ports for ventilation tubing, anesthetic gases, or monitoring hardware.

With a design derived from more than 200 unit-years of operation experience, the CT 120 is a robust platform that delivers exceptional image quality. An integrated linux-based user interface and optimized workfow helps make studies faster, with less operator interaction.

The eXplore CT 120 MicroCT scanner is calibrated to the standards of clinical CT systems, using industry-standard image scaling in Hounsfield units.  The scanner is fully shielded for laboratory use as a "Cabinet X-ray" device, helping to ensure operator safety without the need for additional room shielding.

Features & benefits

System overview

  • CT data may be acquired with full 360° or half scan
  • Continuous rotation or step and shoot modes
  • Real-time reconstruction: volume image is available immediately when scan is complete (for most protocols)
  • Prospective cardiac and respiratory gating (captures mouse heart 600 beats/min)
  • Pre-configured and user-defined scan protocols cover a wide range of applications
  • Comes with pre-configured protocols for high throughput; soft tissue analysis; respiratorygated cardiac-gated; high resolution; and high resolution specimen scanning
  • Live fluoroscopic viewing for animal positioning
  • Large field of view scout imaging for scan prescription
  • Modified Feldkamp conebeam reconstruction
  • Graphical reconstruction planner
  • Reconstruction queue and queue manager
  • Single-slice, multi-slice, and full volume reconstruction capabilities
  • Variable reconstruction voxel size
  • 16-bit output of reconstructed data