InAlyzer - DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Body Composition Analyzer for Lab animals

InAlyzer - DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Body Composition Analyzer for Lab animals

DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Body Composition Analyzer for Lab animals.
MEDIKORS Inc. developed ‘InAlyzer’, the diagnostic X-ray imaging system uses DXA(Dual X-ray Absorptiometry).
‘InAlyzer’ can analyze Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition (BMC, FAT, LEAN) of alive lab animals in units of 0.001g with simple anesthesia without dissection.

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InAlyzer - DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Body Composition Analyzer for Lab animals

Serial assessment is possible for each entity of alive lab animals that can save the time, labor, and cost efficiently. 
Moreover, ‘InAlyzer’ has researcher be safe from the radiation by blocking off the outside exposure of the radiation with internal protection structure. ‘InAlyzer’ approved the effectiveness, accuracy, and successful qualification in the preclinical phase.

Advantages of 

1. Analysis of various size of lab animal 
It has a wide scanning area (basic: 140mm x 210mm, option: 210 mm x 315 mm) from small animals as mice, lemming, and rat (weight 10~50g) to middle animals as dog, cat, rabbit, and guinea pig in analyzing BMD and BMC. 
2. Providing Total results & ROI(Region of Interest)
It provides accurate Total Body results and each ROI of BMD and Body Composition as a spine, femur, and humerus. (Selecting maximum 5 ROI at once)
3. Optional Mode and Time Scanning
It offers three modes measurement : Once measuring(Quick), Three times measuring(Optimum), Five times measuring(Accuracy). Quick mode takes less a minute with less 30 seconds of X-ray. (Optimum mode: 3 mins, Accuracy mode: 5mins) 
4. Serial assessment of lab animal 
Serial assessment of laboratory animal (Mouse, Rat, etc.) in a period of day, week, and month is possible with a simple anesthesia, without dissection.
5. Measurement Error range of 1%
(Error of Precision & Error of Accuracy < 1%, Standard of Bone: static condition)
6. Radiation FREE
Designed with lead can block off the radiation effectively that makes researcher be safe. It requires only a simple registration without any specific permit.
7. Simply save as a file (Excel, Tiff, etc.)
It offers results of analysis as a file (Excel, Tiff, etc.) which is very convenient to make a report or thesis by organizing and editing the result of study.
8. High resolution graphic
It offers High resolution graphic up to 5.0LP/mm (superior to 3.5LP/mm of DR) with a linear detector (54um) which offers an accurate and high resolution graphic results.


  • Save Labor
    With only simple Anesthesia, BMD and Body Composition (BMC, FAT, LEAN) can be obtained from InAlyzer within 30 seconds without dissection which needs hard labor. 
  • Save Time
    Generally Chemical analyses take up to 1 hour (homogenization, scraping, cleaning, measurement of weight, drying, chemical extraction, additional measurement of weight, etc.) and drying or ashing of chemical extraction takes several days. Whereas, InAlyzer takes only 30 seconds to analyze the bones and tissues to obtain results.
  • Save Cost
    By using only several lab animals, it can save cost of chemicals, food, equipment, and etc. It can also minimize the operation rate of the equipment.
  • Save Animals
    Without dissection of lab animals for every single serial assessment, it can save 500~1000 animals annually.