Indirect gas calorimetry module CaloSys

Indirect gas calorimetry module CaloSys


Module for calorimetric measurment with gas&temeprature sensors and software to perform experiments. Dedicated for use in metabolic analysis mice and rats during f.e. feeding, efficiency, motor function studies. Fully compatible with PhenoMaster system.

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Indirect gas calorimetry module CaloSys

Indirect gas calorimetry uses measurements of the animal’s oxygen consumption (VO2) and carbon dioxide production (VCO2) to estimate various metabolic parameters, including the respiratory exchange rate (RQ), energy expenditure (EE), substrate utilization (fat reserves vs. carbohydrate catabolism), and more.

The gas content of an air sample that has been drawn from a test cage is analyzed by a gas sensor unit consisting of one oxygen and one carbon dioxide gas sensor. In a continuous CaloSys setup every cage has its dedicated gas sensor unit ensuring immediate analysis at high temporal resolution (in the range of seconds). If such high temporal resolution is not required, as for most calorimetric studies, CaloSys can be operated in a more economical multiplexed setup, where two or more cages share a common sensor unit – gas samples are analyzed successively from one cage after the other. In a multiplexed setup, the temporal resolution lies in the range of minutes and is directly dependent on the number of cages per sensor unit. To speed up sampling cycles, multiplexed setups can optionally be equipped with high-speed gas sensor units.

The high-speed gas sensors are a paramagnetic differential O2 sensor and an infrared spectroscopic dual beam CO2 sensor. Both are maintenance free and are periodically automatically calibrated under software control using 3 reference gases from a bottle.

The PhenoMaster module for indirect gas calorimetry (CaloSys) is a fully automated high-throughput system for short- and long-term metabolic experiments offering the best possibilities for PULL and PUSH, continuous and multiplexed respirometry.
The unique advantage: CaloSys is highly versatile!
It can be used with a home cage setup granting maximal animal welfare and various combination options with other modules, but it can also be integrated into:

Key features

  • calorimetry in the home cage - low stress, high animal wellfare
  • pull and push air flow principle
  • continuous or multiplexed sampling
  • optional high-speed gas sensors accelerate multiplexed measurements
  • an auto-calibration unit facilitates sensor adjustment prior to experiment
  • programmable mass-flow controllers for every cage optimize the flow rate according to animal size/species
  • every cage is equipped with a high-end temperature sensor for enhanced measurement accuracy
  • the variable influence of water is eliminated from gas measurements by a first pass peltier-based gas drying unit prior to measuring oxygen or carbon dioxide
  • exercise calorimetry on the CaloTreadmill or the CaloWheel
  • calorimetry under thermoneutral or rapid temperature challenge conditions in the Climate Chamber
  • modular design allows simultaneous assessment of metabolic, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological parameters
  • PhenoMaster Software operates a virtually unlimited number of test systems simultaenously without experimenter interference - ideal for high-throughput experiments
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