LabChart Reader

LabChart Reader


LabChart Reader is a free application that allows you, your colleagues and students to share, view and conduct limited analyses of LabChart data.

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LabChart Reader

Have you ever wanted to show LabChart data to a colleague interstate or overseas? Do you have a website where you'd like to showcase your findings? LabChart Reader is a free, reduced-functionality version of LabChart software that lets you share real data, not just static images.


Display and Analyze

  • LabChart calculations
  • Cyclic measurement functions
  • Scope View (shown above)
  • XY Plot (Windows only)
  • Spectrum
  • Spirometry extension (Windows only)
  • Cardiac Axis extension (Windows only)

High-Speed Data Pad

Use LabChart Reader's Data Pad rapid, high-capacity data extraction and analysis to:

  • Extract data to any number of rows
  • Add multiple data sheets
  • Apply formulae and calculations

View Multiple Formats

  • Open and view multiple LabChart data /files
  • Open other file formats (WAV, EDF and many more)
  • Share your data with colleagues
  • Demonstrate real data in presentations
  • Show research data during class demonstrations

Download free LabChart Reader from ADInstruments website

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