Dual-modality preclinical PET and MRI imager for preclinical studies.

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The only LabPET/MRI system combines two unique technologies: digital APD-based PET imaging with cryogen-free superconducting 3.0T MRI for one-step in-line PET/MR imaging of mice and rats.

The benefit of combining multiple in vivo imaging technologies such as MRI and PET is that a small animal subject only needs to be loaded and prepared for imaging once, without the need for repositioning or transfer between machines.  This reduces the amount of time required to capture in vivo images in a small animal subject and ensures consistent and accurate images.

Digital APD-based PET for artifact-free PET imaging

Unlike PMT-based PET systems that can only function with proper shielding in the weak magnetic fields of 1.0T MRI systems, the LabPET technology uses proven avalanche photodiode detectors (APD) insensitive to magnetic fields. The result is the first PET/MRI system with sub-mm artifact-free imaging performance mounted in-line with a translational field-strength MRI of 3.0T and 16 cm bore.

Cryogen-free, self-shielded 3.0T MRI

By using a revolutionary magnet incorporating new superconducting wire, there is no need for expensive and cumbersome liquid helium cooling equipment. The magnet is cooled solely using a standard low temperature cryo-cooler to the required 4 degrees Kelvin (minus 269 degrees C) – needed to achieve superconductivity. The result: a light, compact design (3).

System integration

User interface

Data and images courtesy of TriFoil Imaging, Chatsworth, CA, USA, TriFoil Imaging France, Dijon, France and Cancer Center Georges-François Leclerc, Dijon, France

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