Langendorff systems – Radnoti

Radnoti Langendorff system

Langendorff systems – Radnoti


These Langendorff Systems provide all the glassware to perfuse isolated mouse or rat hearts using the Langendorff technique, with the option to recirculate the perfusate. The system includes hardware to collect data including pressure, biopotentials and temperature, and LabChart software for ease of data analysis.


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Langendorff systems – Radnoti


  • A simple, cost-effective solution for constant perfusate flow or pressure using the Radnoti Langendorff constant flow non-recirculating apparatus (includes thermal circulator pump and peristaltic pump).
  • A robust and compact apparatus. The perfusate reservoir includes two thermostatically controlled compartments, which allows perfusate solutions to be changed easily.
  • The versatile, 8-channel PowerLab 8/35 data acquisition system can simultaneously monitor multiple parameters from your isolated heart experiments. These include left ventricular pressure, rate of ventricular pressure change, perfusate pressure and flow rate, developed pressure, cardiac electrical activity, temperature and others.
  • The PowerLab analog outputs may be used to control the frequency of pulses from an external stimulator via LabChart.
  • Two physiological pressure transducers and bridge amplifiers connected to a PowerLab simultaneously record perfusate pressure and left ventricular pressure.
  • The animal bio amp amplifies the cardiac electrical activity.
  • The T-type Pod and T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe (IT-18) monitor temperature.

System components

  • PowerLab 8/35
  • LabChart Pro software
  • Bridge Amp
  • Physiological Pressure Transducer
  • T-type Pod
  • T-type Implantable Thermocouple Probe
  • Animal Bio Amp
  • Spring Clip Electrodes
  • BNC-BNC cable
  • Front-End Extension Cable Kit
  • Transducer Brackets

Suitable for use with the Pressure Gauge Kit (purchased separately), which provides all the necessary items to calibrate the pressure transducer.

Data acquisition and analysis

  • The PowerLab 8/35 is shipped with ADInstruments LabChart software that provides data recording integrity, display and analysis features.
  • This research system is also supplied with LabChart Pro software, which includes all the LabChart Modules (excluding GLP Client and Server). LabChart Modules provide application specific data acquisition, analysis and display features.
  • LabChart Pro also entitles the purchaser to 5 years of FREE LabChart Pro software upgrades and updates. Purchasers are also entitled to any LabChart Module released during this 5 year period (excludes GLP Client and Server).

Systems configurations

Langendorff system for mice (constant pressure)


The design of the Langendorff system for mice (constant pressure) provides constant perfusion pressure and the option to recirculate the perfusate.

Langendorff system for rats (constant flow)


The design of the Langendorff system for rats (constant flow) provides constant perfusion flow and does NOT recirculate the perfusate.


Langendorff system for rats (constant pressure)


The design of the Langendorff system for rats (constant pressure) provides constant perfusion pressure and does NOT recirculate the perfusate.

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