Lrrk1 - Lrrk2 knockout rat

Lrrk1 - Lrrk2 knockout rat

Double knockout contains deletion Lrrk1 and Lrrk2 genes. Ideal for Prkinson research and neuronal apoptosis.

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  • Description

Lrrk1 - Lrrk2 knockout rat

Nomenclature: LEH- Lrrk1-Lrrk2 tm1sage

Origin: Developed in collaboration with The Michael J. Fox Foundation, this model is a double knockout that contains deletions of both the Lrrk2 gene, encoding for the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2, as well as the Lrrk1 gene, encoding for the leucine-rich repeat kinase 1. Mutations in Lrrk2 are the most common monogenic cause of Parkinson’s disease. This model is useful in understanding Lrrk biology.


  • background Strain: Long Evans Hooded

Coat color: White with black cover, exceptional white with brown cover.

Research aplications

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • neuronal apoptosis

Strain code: TGLR6720

Bred in: US