Lumos – multiwell optical stimulation device for the Maestro MEA platform

Lumos – multiwell optical stimulation device for the Maestro MEA platform


To facilitate the rapidly emerging use of optogenetic techniques with MEA assays, Axion introduces Lumos. Lumos is an optical stimulation device designed to pair with the Maestro MEA platform.   Now researchers can deliver light to each well of a multiwell MEA plate for enhanced control of cell networks during simultaneous recordings of real-time, functional activity data.

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Lumos – multiwell optical stimulation device for the Maestro MEA platform

Lumos has revolutionized in vitro optogenetics tools with the following features:

  • Independent control of light delivery to 48 MEA wells
  • Each well contains 4 LEDs – usable in combination
  • Generation of optical patterns with microsecond precision
  • Fine modulation of intensity for each wavelength

These capabilities allow, for the first time, cell-type specific activation or inhibition of MEA cultured networks on a multiwell level.


Lumos applications

Experience the power of combining Lumos’ fine-tuned cellular control with label-free, functional assays on the Maestro.  Here are two examples of Lumos in action:

  • Precisely control complex neural networks:  The Maestro has enabled numerous advances in neuroscience applications by providing a high throughput, benchtop approach to measuring neural network activity. With optogenetics, even greater discoveries are possible. You can choose to precisely stimulate neuronal activity (ex. to study evoked potentials) as in Panel A; or suppress activity (ex. to separate out responses in a mixed neuronal population) as shown in Panel B. In both cases, Lumos enables even delivery of light across cell cultures for global network modulation with cell-type specific precision.
  • Artifact-free pacing of cardiomyocyte cultures: The unmatched throughput of the Maestro has also paved the way for application of MEA technology to in vitro cardiac safety  screening and assessment.   One of the standard metrics used to determine potential arrhythmias is the field potential duration, a measurement directly related to beat rate. In a multiwell plate, beat rate of cultured cells may vary slightly from well to well. By pacing the cells, as shown in Panel C, precise data can be obtained to make informed safety decisions.