Mdr1a-Bcrp knockout rat

Mdr1a-Bcrp knockout rat

Homozygous rat model with double Brcp-Mdr1a knockout. Useful in efflux research, tissue distribution, formulation and neurotoxicology studies.

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  • Description

Mdr1a-Bcrp knockout rat

Nomenclature: SD-Abcb1atm1sage Abcg2tm1sage

Genotype: Homozygous

Description: P-gp and Bcrp both play a critical role in efflux for brain. Double homozygous null Mdr1a-Bcrp rats display increased exposure to CNS drugs in the brain, as well as increased bioavailability in the plasma for P-gp and Bcrp specific substrates.

Research applications

  • DMPK assay
  • PK/PD
  • efflux assay
  • neurotoxicology
  • formulation
  • drug-drug interactions
  • drug resistance
  • blood brain barrier efflux
  • efficacy assay


  • biallelic 20 bp deletion within Abcba1 gene and 588 bp deletion within the Abcg2 gene
  • increased oral bioavailability of P-gp and Bcrp specific substrates
  • homozygous knockout rats display total loss of both proteins via Western blot
  • background strain: Sprague-Dawley

Coat color: White, albino.

Recommended diet: Purina #5008

Strain code: TGRS7490

Bred in: US

Additional information: MDR1 and BCRP are membrane-bound drug transporters expressed in the brain. Each effectively blocks specific drugs from crossing the blood-brain barrier. P-gp and Bcrp can confer multiple drug resistance to tumor cells. Absence of P-gp and Bcrp creates a functional deficiency in the blood-brain barrier and results in elevated drug levels in many tissues, making this a useful model for efflux assay, efficacy, formulation, tissue distribution, studying neurotoxicology and chemotherapeutic agents.