Microelectrode Puller

Microelectrode Puller

A compact, versatile and reliable workhorse

Program sequences up to four steps
Produce micropipettes with a tip diameter less than 0.1 µm or greater than 10 µm
Store up to 95 programs in memory for easy recall
Two factory programs installed
Supplied with a vial of capillary glass

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Microelectrode Puller

PUL-1000 is a microprocessor controlled horizontal puller for making glass micropipettes or microelectrodes used in intracellular recording, patch clamp studies, microperfusion or microinjection. The puller was designed with tight mechanical specifications and precision electronics for complete control of the pulling process and accurate reproducibility. It offers programmable sequences of up to four steps with heating, force, movement and cooling time. This allows graduated cycles for applications like patch clamp recording.

This puller is a reasonably priced, compact, versatile and reliable workhorse. The microprocessor, combined with the LCD display, makes the PUL-1000 easy to use.


  • Tempered glass cover to reduce the effects of humidity on puller reproducibility
  • Switchable power supply for any line voltage 90–240 VAC ensures that line voltage fluctuations don’t affect reproducibility


  • Pull your own microelectrodes and micropipettes


Tempered glass cover

The cover of the pulling chamber is made with tempered glass to minimize the temperature effect on the reproducibility of the pulled pipettes.

Switchable power supply

PUL-1000 has a high quality switching power supply for use anywhere in the world without worry about the line voltage differences. Pulling reproducibility is unaffected by line voltage fluctuation. Heating voltage can be controlled to within 0.1% accuracy even when line voltage fluctuates from 90 to 240 VAC.


The settings for both stages can be stored in memory. Up to 95 user-selectable programs can be stored for later recall. The instrument contains two factory installed and tested programs. Choose from the factory installed programs or create your own.

Pulling glass

A glass capillary is heated by a platinum/iridium filament and pulled by a controlled force. PUL-1000 features permanent memory storage for up to 95 heat programs. It is remarkable in the flexibility and capability of producing a vast array of pipette shapes.

Pulling pipettes is an art, and reliable results depend on factors like the operating environment, the type of glass used and your technique. Understanding how the puller works is critical to manufacturing the pipettes you want.

PUL-1000 can produce pipettes with tip diameters from less than 0.1µm to 10+ µm. Microprocessor settings control the pulling automatically.

Heater Element Platinum/Iridium Filament
Pulling Force     Solenoid, adjustable
Capillary OD Range    1,0 - 1,5 mm
Max.  Capillary Length 170 mm
Min.  Capillary Length 55 mm
Permanent Memory Set 30
Power 90–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Max. 70 W
Replacement Filaments     13834 2.5mm Square Box Filament, 2.5mm wide
Dimensions 34 x 24 x 12 cm (13.4 x 9.4 x 4.7")
Weight 7 kg



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