Neurexin1 (Nrxn1) knockout rat

Neurexin1 (Nrxn1) knockout rat

Model to study autism spectrum, schizophrenia and synaptic plasticity. Exhibit a deletion of the gene Nrxn1.

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  • Description

Neurexin1 (Nrxn1) knockout rat

Nomenclature: SD- Nrxn1 tm1sage

Genotype: Homozygous

Description: This model contains a biallelic deletion of the Neurexin 1 gene (Nrxn1). Mutations in Nrxn1 have been associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and this model is useful for understanding the role of neurexins in the development of ASD.

Research applications

  • autism
  • schizophrenia
  • synaptic plasticity


  • this model was created in collaboration with Autism Speaks and is currently undergoing phenotypic characterization by Dr. Richard Paylor at Baylor College of Medicine
  • deletions in Neurexin 1 are present in ~0.5% of patients with ASD
  • copy number variations in Neurexin 1 have been linked to both ASD and schizophrenia
  • neurexins are important for postsynaptic differentiation, especially so for GABA synaptic connections
  • background strain: Sprague-Dawley

Coat color: White, albino.

Strain code: TGRA6160

Bred in: US