PCR Workstation

PCR Workstation


Open vertical flow cabinet for DNA work

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PCR Workstation

High-quality materials, smooth finishing and
easy operation make the Kojair PCR workstation
the most-loved PCR workstation in the world.

Now this cabinet has even been improved by Kojair. It not only
feels luxurious and has a sound level that is hard to match,
most of all, it guarantees superior filtration that will keep your
products protected during work processes.

Cabinet characteristics

Kojair’s PCR Workstation is an open laminar airflow cabinet
designed especially for PCR work. Clean air is blown through
a HEPA filter to protect the product. The air flows out of the
cabinet through the front and via small holes in the back wall.
We place our users at the centre of everything.
The materials used not only contribute to the user’s comfort,
but also reduce the time needed for cleaning. The cabinet can
be delivered without a stainless steel table top. Thus, the customer
can put the PCR workstation directly on a work table surface.
The front window is made out of three sections of 6-mm-thick
plexiglass. The base stand is optional.




The main filter is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) H14 filter,
99.995% MPPS according to EN1822. The pre-filter is class EU3.


Glare-free fluorescent lighting provides illumination on the work
surface of up to 1050 lux, giving you a shadow-free workspace.
UV light is integrated into the workstation, with a timer
conveniently located on the front panel of the cabinet.

Energy efficient

The cabinet features innovative new technologies that are
designed to guarantee a work environment that complies with
the latest requirements and is as safe as possible – now and in the
future. It also provides remarkable energy savings and minimises
environmental impacts.

50 years of craftmanship

With our own production and engineering plant in Finland
we can customise the cabinet according your wishes – the
possibilities are endless.

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Class III safety cabinet which protects the operator and the environment from hazards in handling infected and other dangerous biological material.
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