Phantom bedding disposal station

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Phantom bedding disposal station


Station to remove soiled bedding from animal cages under laminar flow. This protects personnel from allergens and contaminations from aniamls.

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Phantom bedding disposal station

Like the Phantom Animal Transfer Station, the Phantom Bedding Disposal Station is powered by a single ECM motor. Quiet, and with minimal vibration, ECM motor technology is just one of many built in features that make the Phantom Bedding Disposal Station the most energy efficient units on the market today.

The Phantom BDS Container Particulate Reclamation System (CPRS) – prevents any debris or allergens from exiting the waste receptacle during the cage dumping process. Unlike other disposal stations on the market today, the CPRS helps prevent allergens and debris from reentering the room, resulting in a safer working environment for you and your staff.

The Phantom BDS has a larger work surface to accommodate larger-sized housing, a sloped surface for ease of bedding capture and twice the illumination than the previous model. These features together with a new integrated bang-bar, a bag-caddy removal cart and an industry first under-unit capture system make the Phantom BDS the most ergonomic system on the market today.