PhysioSuite® for Mice & Rats

PhysioSuite® for Mice & Rats


The PhysioSuite is essentially a box that you fill with the modules your research requires. Each module is a separate component that provides a specific function: warming, ventilation, pulse oximetry and CO2 monitoring. Combine the modules you need now and add additional modules later as your research demands.

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PhysioSuite® for Mice & Rats

  • Include Up to 4 Modules in One UnitSelect the ones you need now, and add more modules later
  • Compact Size significantly increases the amount of work space in the surgical area
  • Customizable Built-In ScreenKeeps critical information easily visible
  • Multi-Animal CapabilityGreater efficiency
  • Data Output Via Mini USB
  • Sensors Last 50,000 Hours
  • Compatible with Stereotaxic Devices

All Systems Include

  • Integrated touch-screen display
  • Real-time recordings
  • 5 safety alarms
  • Internal memory for data storage
  • Mini-USB for data output
  • 1 far infrared warming pad (8" x 10") for use with the RightTemp module
  • 2 temperature sensors for the far infrared warming pad
  • A 10-pack of disposable sleeve protectors for the far infrared warming pad
  • 1-Year 100% Parts & Labor Warranty (Extended 2-Year Warranty available)

All PhysioSuite® base systems include the following modules:

Temperature Monitoring & Homeothermic Control ModuleRightTemp®

Far Infrared Warming

Extend Your PhysioSuite®'s Capabilities with the Following Add-On Modules - see related products section.

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SomnoSuite is our innovative low-flow anesthesia delivery system designed specifically for mice and rats. Unlike traditional vaporizers, the SomnoSuite is engineered with a precision syringe pump and integrated digital vaporizer which uses either room air or compressed gas to deliver anesthesia at low flow rates proportionate to the animal's size. Using less anesthesia not only benefits the animal during procedures, but significantly reduces the risk of exposure to lab personnel from waste anesthesia gas.
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The RoVent Automatic Ventilator for mice and rats allows you to enter the animal's weight as it automatically sets the respiratory rate and tidal volume.