Microbiological safety cabinet Kojair Platinum
LCD display in biowizard safety cabinet
Colour version of PLATINUM safety cabinet



Innovate, class II microbiological safety cabinet. The newest product from Kojair - manufacturer leader in safety cabinets on the market.

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Platinum SMART innovations

Most silent cabinet on the market. As the first company to focus on and succeed in reducing the sound level of safety cabinets, Kojair now pushed the boundaries even further. Without compromising on safety!

GMP compliance. Kojair applies the latest technologies, daring materials and smart innovations to meet stringent GMP requirements.

Finnish design. The Platinum safety cabinet features a dynamic, clean-cut silhoutte and pleasant curves which give the cabinet its recognisable, individual character.

Personal access code. Activate your personal settings by entering an individual access code into the Platinum user interface.

Full red light alarm. If the cabinet is not safe for use, the new alarm feature will fill the entire Platinum interior with red light. At the same time, an acoustic alarm will ring and a red signal will show on the front panel display, indicating the type of alarm.

Full of safety features. The new Platinum cabinet carries more safety features than any other cabinet before it. These features allow you to work with greater ease, safety and more confidence than ever before.

Create your own account. Store up to 25 accounts in our system. When entering your personal access code, the cabinet will automatically change the settings (e.g. light intensity, working height etc) according to your requirements.

Energy efficient. Remarkable energy savings are achieved through the latest LED and EC technology. With EC techonology, air flow volumes can be tailored to meet actual requirements.

Endless customisation possibilities. With 50 years of experience Kojair can customise the cabinet according your wishes.

Biosecurity. Personalised access codes prevent unauthorised access to the cabinet. Login data is monitored and stored.

Booking system. Reserve a day and time in the calendar to ensure that the cabinet is available.

Platinum features

  • Easy-to-clean materials. The new materials used in the Platinum cabinet are very durable and most of them are recyclable. You can still use the same detergents as before to gently wipe the cabinet surfaces. Smooth, almost seamless construction is convenient to clean.
  • UV light disinfection function. Daily or weekly programmable UV light through using a real-time clock.
  • SteriWizard function. The patented SteriWizard sterilisation device can be integrated into the back wall of the workspace.
  • Intelligent fan technology. With latest EC technology, air flow volumes can be adjusted to match the actual demand. This means remarkable energy savings and noise reduction.
  • Interface wih adroid software. The easy-to-read high resolution touch screen is a totally new, ergonomic and very intuitive way to control all of the cabinet’s functions - use it like a normal tablet computer.
  • Day & night vision. The Platinum cabinet makes it easy to customise the look and feel of your microbiological safety cabinet. Change the display settings according your mood.
  • LED lights. The latest LED technology provides a longer lifespan, electrical efficiency and increased overall efficiency. The intensity of the LED is easy to change.

Specifications of single fan & multi fan Platinum biowizard


Biowizard Platinum single & multi fan 100 130 170 200
Outer dimensions (mm)        
Width A 1094 1399 1744 2049
Depth B 895 895 895 895
Height C (when working height is 800 mm) 2195 2195 2195 2195
Inner dimensions (mm)        
Width D 914 1219 1564 1869
Depth E 600 600 600 600
Height F 665 665 665 665
Working height G Adjustable between 700-900
Air volumes (m3/h) at Kojair set point        
Recirculation 725 965 1205 1444
Exhaust (In flow 0,45 m/s) 288 385 499 594
Total 1013 1350 1704 2038
Exhaust with thimble duct add 10-15%