PowerLab 35

PowerLab 35


High-performance data acquisition hardware trusted for a wide range of life science research and teaching applications.

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PowerLab 35

The PowerLab data acquisition (DAQ) device is recognized internationally for its high signal quality, simple design and practical use in a wide range of applications. Few DAQs are cited in research as often as the PowerLab.

The entry level 35 series system, with 4 analog input channels that can be used in single-ended or differential modes.

Trusted data acquisition in life science – for over 25 years

PowerLab has been a reliable product for an entire generation of scientists and educators, offering a flexible solution for almost all types of data acquisition. Typical applications include research and teaching across human and animal physiology, pharmacology, neurophysiology, biology, zoology, biochemistry, and biomedical engineering.

PowerLabs are capable of recording at speeds of up to 400,000 samples per second continuously to disk (aggregate), and are compatible with instruments, signal conditioners and transducers supplied by ADInstruments and many other leading brands.

For Research – The 35 Series

Built for the most demanding research applications, all 35 Series PowerLabs are 16-bit, with individual channel ADCs and filters, a maximum per channel sampling rate of 200 kS/s, and noise reduction circuitry to minimize channel crosstalk and signal noise. All 35 Series have 2 analog outputs, a TTL trigger input, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.
35 Series PowerLabs come with LabChart data acquisition and analysis software.

Pyrrolidin-2-onederivativesmayreducebodyweightinratswith diet-induced obesity

Magdalena Dudek, Joanna Knutelska, Mare kBednarski, Leszek Nowiński, Małgorzata Zygmunt, Grzegorz Kazek, Barbara Mordyl, Monika Głuch-Lutwin, Paula Zaręba, Katarzyna Kulig, Jacek Sapa
European JournalofPharmacology776(2016)146–155