Preclinical benchtop InSyTe PET/CT

Preclinical benchtop InSyTe PET/CT


The first high performance PET benchtop system with in-line X-ray CT.

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Preclinical benchtop InSyTe PET/CT

The LabPET sub-system provides you with the ability to visualize and quantify biological processes over a wide range of PET tracer activities with a reconstructed isotropic image resolution of < 1.0 µl (< 1 mm).
The InSyTe LabPET system is the first preclinical PET with continuous bed motion PET detection. This so-called continuous-motion PET maintains uniform signal-to-noise sensitivity across the entire scan range. This capability combined with TriFoil's digital APD-based PET expands its proven in-plane quantitative accuracy to precise quantifiable results in all dimensions.

Other features include:

  • Field-of View (FOV): 11cm bore size with selectable transverse FOV of 25 mm to 65 mm, all with user selectable continuous-motion scanning over an axial FOV of up to 150 mm.
  • Continuous-motion PET with list-mode acquisitions for high post-processing and reconstruction flexibility, including decay, scatter and CT-based attenuation corrections.
  • Reconstruction algorithms include FBP, 2D-MLEM, 3D-MLEM and fast, patent-protected 3D AMPS-OSEM algorithm

The digital PET advantage:Through direct one-to-one coupling of scintillators to APD detectors, light sharing between crystal pixels and detectors can be avoided, leading to improved spatial contrast resolution. In addition, since the system employs parallel processing of the detector signals, saturation of detection and counting electronics can be avoided which results in a largely expanded quantitation range.

Customers will also have the option of installing the in-line CT to their benchtop system either at initial purchase or as an upgrade.  The Computed Tomography (CT) sub-system provides high-quality CT images. Its co-axial design with PET enables one-pass imaging with automatic co-registration of functional and anatomical images. The CT system features a large-area 1.3 mega pixel CMOS detector and 50W X-ray source, optimized for soft-tissue contrast imaging. It has the flexibility to perform a wide range of acquisition protocols, with whole-body imaging in less than 90 seconds.