Rederivation Services - Charles River

Rederivation Services - Charles River

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Rederivation Services - Charles River


Charles River can remove adventitious organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites, from mice and rats with our rederivation services. Rederived animals are guaranteed to meet our SOPF - VAF/Elite® health status and will be maintained in biosecure isolator environment to protect the health of the colony. We have rederived over 10,000 unique strains of mice and rats with 100% removal of unwanted organisms.

Services Offered

  • Embryo and sperm rederivation
  • Rapid rederivation
  • IVF rapid expansion
  • Cryopreservation
  • Embryo transfer

Service Flow

  1. Charles River organizes transfer of animals to our site.
  2. Project Manager determines objectives and strategy for the project once animals are received. Results are guaranteed based on standard reproductive parameters.
  3. Technical team implements the rederivation project.
  4. ICM customer portal provides direct, two-way communication with project manager during rederivation project.
  5. Charles River arranges the shipment of animals at the end of the project or establishes a breeding colony and protocol in our facilities.