RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module

RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module


The RoVent Automatic Ventilator for mice and rats allows you to enter the animal's weight as it automatically sets the respiratory rate and tidal volume.

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RoVent® Automatic Ventilator Module

The RoVent Jr. Small Animal Ventilator is ideal for mice, rats and guinea pigs up to 1,250 grams. The ventilator is fully automatic, simply enter the animals weight and press run. You have the ability to control ventilation by either volume or pressure. 

The built-in touchscreen display provides information about your current ventilator settings. You have the ability to customize the display; many of the parameters can easily be displayed as numeric numbers or on a real-time graph. The real-time display screen has the capability to show numeric readings, waveforms, or both simultaneously. View historical data with a touch of the screen.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully AutomaticEnter animal's weight and press RUN
  • Wide Range of Animal Sizes Neonatal mice to 1,250 g rats
  • You Determine Control Control ventilation by pressure or volume
  • Intuitive Touch-Screen ControlEasy to use
  • No Servicing or Calibration NeededCost-effective, reliable equipment
  • PEEP Built-in (SomnoSuite & PhysioSuite)

Adding the RoVent® Module to the SomnoSuite® Low-Flow Anesthesia System

With the RoVent® Automatic Ventilator add-on module, the vaporized anesthetic is delivered directly to the animal along the inspiratory line coming from the ventilator. This close proximity of the vaporized gas to the animal’s lungs allows you to use far less anesthetic than traditional vaporizers, which require hook-up on the back side of the ventilator.

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The PhysioSuite is essentially a box that you fill with the modules your research requires. Each module is a separate component that provides a specific function: warming, ventilation, pulse oximetry and CO2 monitoring. Combine the modules you need now and add additional modules later as your research demands.