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Spirometry extension for LabChart

Spirometry extension for LabChart


Free of charge Spirometry add-on for LabChart is used to derive a number of respiratory parameters based on flow and volume, such as VE, VT, frequency, PIF, PEF, FVC, FEV1.

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Spirometry extension for LabChart

The Spirometer (or Spirometer Pod) and flow head (1l, 10l, 300l, 1000l) function together as a pneumotachometer, with an output signal proportional to the air flow rate during breathing. The Spirometry Add-On for LabChart processes this raw signal, and:

  • Provides channel calculations to display particular respiratory parameters in LabChart channels.
  • Calculates various other respiratory parameters, which are presented in the Spirometry Report.
  • Displays a Flow–Volume Plot, and a Spirometry Data window, in which the locations of PIF, PEF, FVC and FEV1 are indicated for teaching purposes.
  • Applies various corrections to improve accuracy.

Please note that the Spirometry Add-On is not intended for clinical testing of lung function.


Extension is dedicated for Windows and Mac.