Surgery boards

Surgery boards for lab animals
Surgery board for laboratory animals up to 12" long
Surgery table to use with X RAY diagnostic

Surgery boards


We offer 5 types surgery boards dedicated for different sizes animals. They are formed of one piece high-temp NorylTM for durability and ease of cleaning. Four adjustable Nylon cords are included.

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Surgery boards


  • Formed, one-piece construction for long service life and durability
  • Center depressed slope for fast positioning of animal
  • Unique, fast acting tie down camcleats 
  • White, high temperature plastic and nylon components
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Uprights adjustable to elevate board for special positioning
  • Four quick-tie, nylon restraint cords
  • Suction cup feet provide a steady work surface (N/A on 509 Series)
  • Model 505-XRAY dedicated for XRAY diagnostic, made of clear polycarbonate, with 5 nylon cords

Available products

Model Product size Animal weight
510-SS 20,65 x 40,64 [cm]
8,125" x 16"
up to 12" long
509-RS24 30,48 x 60,96 [cm]
12" x 24"
up to 4 kg
509-RS30 30,48 x 76,20 [cm]
12" x 30"
4 to 7 kg
505-XRAY (made from polycarbonate,
with 5 nylon restraint cords)
44,45 x 91,44 [cm]
17,5" x 36"
4 to 7 kg
508-MS 11,43 x 27,94 [ cm]
4,5" x 11"

up to 22,86 cm long
up to 9" long