Surgery&examination table

Surgery and examination table
Surgery and examination tables
Surgery and examination table

Surgery&examination table


A new Battery Operated Surgical-Exam Table. The exam table includes a rechargeable battery pack with a 30-hour service life before recharging is necessary. Dedicated for animals weight below 75 kg.

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Surgery&examination table

Table includes stainless steel I.V. bar with turning disc, stainless steel table surface with a height adjustment of 80,1 - 114,30 cm / 31½ " - 45", stainless steel mounting rails with curry clamps and blocks, tilt and turn table surface, unbreakable rolling casters and an ergonomic "X-Shaped" pedestal with foot control.


  • Tip/Turn mechanism is easy and safe to handle. All positioning mechanisms function mechanically. The Tip/Turn or Tip mechanism functions on an opening/closing system.
  • Mounting rail allows the attachment of various accessories, such as Curry-Clamp quick release blocks and infusion holders.
  • Foot switch. The pneumatic foot switch is a security feature of this table. There is no electric current between switch and drive. The column is a closed system, protected from moisture.
  • Rechargable battery pack has a 30 hour service life before recharging is necessary. It eliminates the bothersome electrical cords on the floor.
  • Table top. Stainless Steel with rim and liquid duct, 130 x 55 cm with stainless steel Mounting rails (all four sides) 130 x 55 cm with four quick release blocks with Curry clamps, with one block holder with turning disc and stainless steel infusion Holder.
  • Height adjustment: 80-115 cm / 31½ - 45"
  • Load <100 kg / <220 pounds