Treadmill - Maze Engineer

Treadmill - Maze Engineer

Treadmill with ultra quiet precision mechanical mechanisms. Easy sloping, easy grip,

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Treadmill - Maze Engineer

The Maze Engineers automated Treadmill utilizes ultra quiet precision mechanical mechanisms to deliver the best possible treadmill on the marketultiple features include: Easy sloping, easy grip, Conductor integration, rich data collection, and easy to protocolize treadmill for activity experiments. Please see the features section below for more information


Easily customizable: Can be combined with any maze for brand new activity protocols and unique habitat enclosures. Many colors, sizes, and even multiple treadmill lanes available.


  • Independent Lane Control: Each lane can be programmatically controlled separately.
  • Ultra Quiet: Noise is less than 40 db
  • Speed: 0-80 meters per minute
  • Acceleration: Adjustable acceleration in 0.1 meter/minute increments
  • Slope: 0 to 25 degrees
  • Belt texture facilitates animal grip


  • A shock grid can be optionally inserted and can be controlled with our conductor software.
  • Shock intensity is adjustable and can be correlated to LED lamp to allow mice and rats to learn when the shock grid is active.
  • Design of shock grid carefully designed to avoid injuries to animals.
  • The grid can be removed for easy cleaning
  • 163V, adjustable.
  • Adjustable, 1Hz, 2Hz, or 3Hz repetition rate
  • 0 – 4mA adjustable in 0.1mA units

Sturdy Construction

  • Tough Aluminum alloy frame
  • Clear acrylic walls
  • Black non-reflective separators
  • Air puff accessory for aversive stimuli also available upon request

Second Screen

  • Display distance traveled
  • Display shock on/off
  • Manually start / stop switch of electrical stimulus system per lane
  • Manually start / stop of treadmill per lane
  • Manually adjust the slope

Available Models

  • Rat Single
  • Mouse Single
  • Rat Double 
  • Mouse Double
  • Rat 5 Lane
  • Mouse 5 Lane