UNO Gas Exhaust Unit

Jednostka końcowa do gazów anestetycznych UNO
Jednostka końcowa gazów UNO
Jednostka końcowa gazów z absorberem UNO

UNO Gas Exhaust Unit


The final device in the anesthesia system, absorbing anesthetic mix and separating anesthetic from the air.

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UNO Gas Exhaust Unit

The UNO Gas Exhaust Unit can be used for the direct-exhaust of waste anaesthetic- and exhaled gas while using face masks for rat and mouse.

Further the UNO Gas Exhaust Unit can be used for the indirect-exhaust of the excessive anaesthetic gas from the circle system of the UNO Micro Ventilator (UMV) at various volume- and pressure settings of the UMV.

In order not to spill the anaesthetic gas mixtures, and for good functioning of the Gas Exhaust Unit, the supply of the gas mixture to the face masks should be set at a maximum of: