UNO Vaporizer Sigma Delta

Waporyzator UNO
Zestaw przepływomierz z waporyzatorem UNO
Wlew do anestetyku UNO

UNO Vaporizer Sigma Delta


An apparatus for processing anesthetic gas. Equipped with isoflurane or sefofluran tank and connection to the flowmeter of air, oxygen and nitrous oxide.

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UNO Vaporizer Sigma Delta

The Sigma Delta is the latest product in a distinguished line of vaporizers of the highest quality and reliability. It delivers accurate concentrations under varying conditions of flow rate and temperature, particularly at low flows.

The Sigma Delta combines the latest patented technology, intense research and extensive knowledge gained from manufacturing vaporizers for over fifty years.

Service Free*

  • Selectatec®, Drager Plug-In®, North American Drager, Cagemount
  • Superb performance over a wide range of vapour concentration and temperatures, particularly at low flows.
  • Isoflurane or Sevoflurane
  • Keyed Filler, Quik Fil®, or Pour fill
  • Efficient Selectatec®, Drager, and North American Drager compatible interlock systems
  • Low Body Weight

* Presumes ten year product life requiring no prevetative maintenance service. It is recommended that a service is carried out at ten years.

Technical Specification

Weight: Approximate weight 5kg

  • Capacity (mm): Volume at MAX mark; 240 +/- 10mL / Volume at MIN mark: 35 +/- 10 mL
  • Note: After draining, approximately 60 +/- 10 mL of liquid is retained by the wick
  • Flow range: Operating flow range: 0,2 to 15 litres/min
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature range 15 to 35˚C
  • Cagemount Dim. (mm): 133 wide x 158 deep x 219 high
  • Selectatec Compatible with Interlock Dimensions (mm): 120 wide x 190 deep x 242 high
  • Drager Plug-In Compatible Dimensions (mm): 100 wide x 190 deep x 242 high